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Help and Support

Server Addresses

Fibre broadband connection settings

If you need help setting up a router supplied by John Lewis Broadband, our Router guides will help you with this. Otherwise, please refer to the documentation provided with your router.

If you're using a router provided by John Lewis Broadband

All settings should be configured automatically for you after setting up your router.

If you're using your own VDSL router

Use the settings below as a guide. Note, not all VDSL routers include these options - if yours doesn't, just make sure what's available matches the details below.

Fibre Broadband connection settings
Broadband username - username guide
Connection type / Encapsulation PPPoE always on
VLAN Active
802.1p 0
802.1q 101

If your fibre router is connected to a BT Openreach modem

Fibre Broadband connection settings
Broadband username - username guide
Connection type PPPoE always on

Standard broadband connection settings

Broadband connection settings
Broadband username - username guide
Broadband password Your account password
Connection type PPPoA
VPI & VCI 0 & 38
Multiplex Method VC-MUX or VC Based
Primary DNS Leave blank
Secondary DNS Leave blank

Email settings

Email Settings - [more]
Email address format
Incoming (POP3) Server
Outgoing (SMTP) Server
IMAP Server

More Support

If you can't find the information you need here try the Contact us.

Service Status

Check our Service status page for updates on current problems and announcements about upcoming maintenance work.

Can't find what you're looking for?

If we've not been able to address your query through a support article please contact Customer support for further assistance.

Having problems with your broadband connection?

Use our Broadband troubleshooter to diagnose and fix the problem.

Service Status

For full details of our current issues or any maintenance work that could be affecting your service please visit our Service Status site.