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This guide explains how contracts work for John Lewis Broadband accounts.

What contracts are there?

Our broadband and Home Phone products come with a 12-month contract. By choosing a 12-month contract you're committing to:

  • a 12-month broadband service
  • a 12-month phone service

What happens if I want to cancel?

  • Our accounts require 10 days notice to cancel
  • If you cancel your service within 12 months of joining us (or starting a new contract), an early termination charge will be applied (not subject to VAT). The amount you pay depends on the number of months left on your contract
  • For every billing month you stay a customer the early termination charge is reduced

If you agreed your contract on or after 10th December 2019, this is how we calculate your Early Termination Charge:

  • We take your monthly charge, including any discounts
  • We then deduct the current rate of VAT
  • We then reduce the charge to take account of any costs we save because of you leaving early, such as wholesale costs
  • We then deduct 1% for early payment
  • We multiply this figure by the remaining months of your minimum term to get the final charge you owe. Any part month will be charged daily on a pro rata basis. Any remaining credit on your account will be taken off your total.

If you agreed your contract before 10th December 2019, please see our price guide for your relevant charges.

What happens before your contract expires?

We're committed to making sure you always get the best deal to suit your needs.

To help you make the right choices, before your minimum term contract ends we'll email you, (or send you a letter if you've asked for important documents to be sent in an alternative format).

This will explain:

  • The date your minimum term contract ends.
  • If a notice period applies.
  • That once your minimum term contract ends that you won't pay any early termination charges if you wish to leave us.
  • Your current monthly subscription price, including any discounts.
  • The monthly subscription price you'll pay once your contract ends, including any discounts.
  • Details of any services you're getting as part of your contract, plus if there are any changes to these once your contract ends.
  • How you can cancel your contract, if you want to.
  • Which of our current deals will offer the best price and that best suits your needs, once your minimum term contract ends.
  • The options you have once your minimum term contract ends. These are:
    1. Do nothing - we'll automatically move you to a rolling monthly contract.
    2. Move to a new package. That could be the 'best tariff' we've suggested to you, or one of our other deals. It'll mean you'll take out a new contract too.
    3. Switch to a new provider.

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