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Title of Message: Webmail and other services (88343) - RESOLVED

09/10/2015 @ 09:00

This is an update to our previous post regarding problems with access to our webmail platform.

The problem has been resolved and customers should be able to access the webmail platform.

Kind Regards

Matthew Wheeler
Customer Relations


Title of Message: Webmail and other services (88343) - NEW

09/10/2015 @ 04:38

We're currently experiencing problems with access to our webmail platform. This may also be affecting some other services.

Attempting to access this may currently be resulting in errors.

Our engineers are currently investigating this issue and we'll provide further updates as they are available.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Kind Regards,

Chris Parr
Customer Support


Title of Message: 0845 and 0808 dial-up - IMPORTANT INFORMATION

17/12/2014 @ 10:58

From 16th January 2015 Waitrose will be closing down its 0845 and 0808 dial-up platform. Any customers still using the service will need to make alternate arrangements. We recommend taking broadband, which you can signup for via our website at

- What is happening?
- Our dial-up Internet services are being closed and any customers using them will need to make alternate arrangements. The vast majority of the UK can now get broadband so we would recommend upgrading to broadband.

- When is this happening?
- We are contacting people using dial-up via email in December 2014 and the service will stop working from 16th January 2015.

- Why is this happening?
- We have kept dial-up internet running as long as we could but with broadband now available to more than 99.5% of the country the time has come to switch off the service. It is no longer financially viable to keep operating the dial-up service and the number of users has dwindled to a point where the annual running costs are considerably more than the revenues. As a business unfortunately this is no longer sustainable.

- What will happen to my account?
- For any subscription accounts the billing will stop at the beginning of December and the dial-up internet access will be withdrawn on 16th January. If you have additional services related to your Dial-Up account, such as email or webspace, you will need to sign up to broadband with us in order to be able to continue using these from the 16th January.

- Can I get broadband?
- If you go to our website you can check if you can receive broadband.

- What if I can’t get broadband?
- Most of the country is covered by 3G and 4G mobile, we’d recommend checking with the mobile providers if they can offer you a dongle in your area.

- What if I can’t get 3G/4G either?
- You can still use a 0845 dial-up Internet service provided by another company. Net Communications Ltd. for example provide 0845 dial-up. Their dial-up numbers are 0845 0551800 and 0845 0551805, you’ll need to change the username to free0845 and the password to free0845. To send email you’ll need to change the SMTP mail server to Please note that these numbers are not operated by Waitrose and are operated by Net Communications Ltd. so we cannot offer any support on them.

Kind Regards,

Chris Parr
Customer Relations


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